Tui Na Centre – Rozman Method©
Sensory Pressure Massage

Helping children heal and connect through the power of touch

Tui Na Centre – Rozman Method© sensory pressure massage has been designed to give parents the skills and confidence to administer the massage themselves in the comfort of their own home, and to enable them to become an active part in their child’s journey.

The sessions can be easily incorporated into daily life and can create novel opportunities for innovative play and interaction.

Regular massage sessions can therefore help with building a close relationship, strengthening the special bond between you and your child.

Tui Na, sometimes called ‘Chinese massage’, is an oriental massage therapy that has been used since ancient times. It is a division of traditional Chinese medicine and considered in China to be of equal importance and effectiveness as that of acupuncture or herbal medicine. It has an extensive tradition as a holistic healing art, with no reported negative side effects.

Improving child’s wellbeing through gentle touch

Numerous feedback reports and testimonials from parents who have used Tui Na Centre – Rozman Method©, as well as many research studies published in scientific journals on massage and touch-therapies based on similar principles, overwhelmingly conclude that these therapies have the potential to improve the quality of life for children and reduce many of the difficulties that often accompany autism and other developmental disabilities.

Tui Na Centre – Rozman Method© massage is holistic with no known or reported side effects. It can be used in combination with conventional support strategies and behavioural and other therapies.

‘Behind the child that makes the most progress is an actively involved parent.’

What the parents say ...

“As a parent, I felt for the first time since ASD was diagnosed that I am in position to do something for my son that is making him feel better! Seeing that there is an obvious progress day by day just kept me motivated. In 2 years of daily treatments, my boy became much calmer, self-injuring is the past now. His eye contact improved significantly, social interaction, learning ability and speech as well. Last but not least, it strengthened our relationship and trust.” S.N.

What the parents say ...

…Massage is our special time with M., we try to talk, we laugh and sometimes struggle but we are very intensely together. I see direct benefits: his sleep improved almost immediately, he communicates better and I am getting reports of improved attention from the school. We are only at the beginning but I am going to continue… and besides, you want to meet Leonid, massage is only part of what he will give you. I would go to see his workshop, talk to him personally about your child and then take next steps; it is easy and fair approach. If you need to talk to somebody who did the course my e-mail is: xx (provided on request). Thank you Leonid and Sanya.” J.N.

What the parents say ...

“Fantastic course and insight I love everything this course stands for and is trying to achieve! I have completed the course, and continue to carry out the massage at home with positives all round! I’m very excited about the results, long term, for life, this wonderful, logical, massage has introduced to me and my son. This is the way we should be pushing autism therapy forward in this country in my opinion. Sincere and passionate hosts and founders of the course Leonid and Sanya x I can’t praise them or its objectives enough.” Nicole

What the parents say ...

“I can’t adequately put into words what a powerful impact Rozman Method tuina has made on our lives. Since going on this journey at the beginning of the year we have seen some real tangible changes in our profoundly autistic 7 year old boy – more eye contact, less tip toe walking, more language, a greater sense of calm, more focused looking and a sense of him being more “present”. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that now he can use a straw whereas a year ago he just chewed them to a pulp – we are noticing changes in his fine motor skills and also his gross motor skills…” M.R.

What the parents say ...

“My son has been treated by Leonid for 18 months and the Tui Na massage has had a profound impact on his development. Tui Na has helped facilitate the various therapies we use to work on my son. We have noticed better physical tone and coordination, and it also has helped language and concentration. The massage technique is also a wonderful way for me to connect with my child.” D.G.