Tui Na Centre – Rozman Method©
in-person training for professionals

RM© Three-Day Training for Professionals

Note: the information on this page concerns training courses for professionals. If you are a parent looking to train in RM please visit the local courses for parents page or consider our online training.

Tui Na Centre – Rozman Method© Training for Professionals is an intensive 3-day training course (22 hours of training in total). It is tailor-made specifically for professional therapists who are working with children and adults with special needs, to enable them to incorporate RM© into their working practice.

The course includes both theory and practice of RM©. Day One of consists of an in-depth explanation of the history and principles of the technique and the theory behind it. The presentation covers the basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine – body meridian channels and energy points, as well as information on the most important pressure points in the context of RM©.

Days two and three of the course consist of practical hands-on training for autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome, with the emphasis on integrating RM© into existing professional working practice. Attendees will learn how to incorporate various RM© techniques into the therapeutic methods they currently use and in this way enhance their practice and widen their professional offering.

In addition, attendees will learn different ways of utilising RM© to help calm clients who present with challenging and difficult behaviours, which will in turn enable more productive sessions.

This course is suitable for occupational, speech and language, physio, Padovan Method© and massage therapists.

Please note that a good working knowledge of anatomy and physiology is a pre-requisite for attending this course.

Organising a training course in your area

We have in the past delivered tailor-made training courses in various locations throughout the United Kingdom and abroad, including Spain, Italy, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Poland and France.

Please contact us if you would like to organise a training course or an ‘Introduction to Tui Na Centre -Rozman Method©’ presentation & workshop in your area.

Introduction to RM© half-day presentation & workshop

We are actively looking for ways to establish and strengthen links with professional therapists’ bodies and organisations. We are happy to deliver on request a short introductory presentation and workshops to explain and demonstrate the principles and applications of Tui Na Centre – Rozman Method©. Attendees get to learn about the RM© history and aims, and about the basic principles of the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of balancing the body and achieving internal healing by stimulating various acupuncture/acupressure points and balancing the flow of energy. These introductory workshops are not a substitute for full training.