Learn Tui Na Centre – Rozman Method© online

Online training available NOW!

The training videos are available to members with unlimited access and can be found following the link below

Brief description of the videos included in membership:


Members will have access to Rozman Method© training video (relevant to autism and Down syndrome) demonstrating all 28 steps of massage treatment in one continuous sequence so they can copy the movements from the screen.


Members will have access to 28 short ‘individual step’ videos with detailed explanation of massage point location, their actions, the types of pressure and variety of techniques that can be used in exactly the same way we teach on the group course. This is a fairly long video with over 1.5 hours of tutorials and we strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with it before attempting to start the protocol.


Members will have full access to the video showing different approaches and variety of positions in which massage can be given.


Every second month we will publish one of the specific massage videos on meridians and acupressure points relevant to speech articulation, sleep, constipation, anxiety, tiptoeing, and bed-wetting.

In order to help as many parents as possible during the Covid 19 pandemic we can offer memberships at discounted prices. Please note that the price includes Vimeo charge, transaction charge and VAT. Subscribers will continue to enjoy these discounted rates both during and after the Covid 19 crisis even when prices return to normal levels.

Further details about Tui Na Centre – Rozman Method© online training course

Once you subscribe to online training you will be able to access Tui Na Centre – Rozman Method©training videos.

The instructional videos are easy to follow – the method can be learned and implemented at first instance simply by copying the on-screen movements and techniques. However we strongly recommend familiarising yourself with the method fully – watching the videos several times – before attempting to carry it out for the first time.

Can I change my mind later on?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. This can be done from your Vimeo account.

I would like to cancel my subscription, how do I go about it?

You will be able to cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your Vimeo account. Once you cancel your subscription, your account will stay active and you will have access to training videos until the end of the month in which you cancelled your subscription.

What happens if I decide to attend a local training course later on?

If you join online and later decide to attend one of the local training courses, your online subscription fee will be refunded in full.

I am a professional therapist – will I be able to learn from the online materials and use RM© in my practice?

Our online training is suitable for professional therapists wishing to explore RM© and the ways it could compliment their existing professional services, but it will NOT provide you with Professional RM© Qualification or attendance certificate. In order to use RM in a professional capacity you must complete either a full 3-day Professional Training, or the upcoming Online RM© Professional Accreditation Course.

Note: if you subscribe to our online training and later decide to attend one of our Professional Accreditation Training courses in order to get fully qualified in RM©, your online subscription fee will be refunded in full.